My interest in photography started in college like most "passions" do. I borrowed my father’s old Nikon FE2 and took a class, shooting black and white snapshots of trees, friends, graffiti, rocks, etc. I eventually lost access to that darkroom, but never stopped practicing.


In the decade since then, I have experimented constantly and have photographed everything from live music to sports to commercial properties. Over time, I have been continually drawn to documenting communities, especially those undergoing or working toward change.

I currently live in and document Portland, Oregon.

Photo by Anna Larina | Skeleton Key Photography

Photo by Anna Larina | Skeleton Key Photography

In addition to my personal documentary projects, I am happy to offer commercial, lifestyle, and portrait photography. In my spare time, I enjoy the classic Portland pastimes of cycling, drinking coffee, and baking bread (and sometimes cookies).


Please use the form below to get ahold of me (or just email if you have any questions, comments, or just want to say hi or get a cup of coffee!

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